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Licensing is a specialist area and it is vital that businesses obtain expert advice.

Amanda has acted for pubs, festivals, nightclubs, supermarkets, off licences, sports stadiums and clubs and her practical support is valued by her clients.

Amanda works hard to ensure that the application process is as straight-forward as possible. She liaises with responsible bodies, interested parties and local authorities, she lodges applications and arranges for appropriate notices to be given and she represents clients in local authority and magistrates court hearings throughout the country.

Recommended again for her licensing work in the 2019 edition of the Legal 500, Amanda has particular expertise in the following: –

  • Premises licences
  • Club premises certificates
  • Temporary event notices
  • Personal licences
  • Variation applications
  • Reviews and summary reviews of licences
  • Transfer applications
  • Change of DPS
  • Appeals

New Premises Licence/ Variation Applications

Amanda can assist in guiding you through the licensing application process and ensuring that appropriate detail is set out in the application. A well drafted application form can make a huge difference in the outcome.

Once the application is prepared, Amanda can assist you in complying with the advertising requirements including a newspaper advert and a notice of the application on site.

There is then a 28 day consultation period during which time responsible bodies and interested parties are able to make representations. Amanda can assist in responding effectively to these representations.

After the expiry of the 28 day consultation, the application will be granted if there are no outstanding representations.

If there are outstanding representations, a hearing will be arranged with the local licensing authority. The hearing should be held within 20 working days of the expiry of the consultation period, but there are sometimes delays if a licensing authority is busy. The delay should not be excessive, so the application should be determined within 3 months of submission.

Contact Amanda on 01789 336957 to see how she could help your business.